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    What Our Clients are Saying...

    Your surveillance team was great! Within the first hour of the operation, you had all the evidence I needed to progress forward.
    - K.T. Businessman

    Thank you for putting a security team together so quickly, Agent A.D. was great!
    - S.K. Businesswoman (Security Detail)

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    Pressbox (Press Release) - Florida, July 20, 2013 - Love and faith are often abused for individual benefit, self-enrichment and the enforcement of solely personal pursuits. Private investigators check people in relationship and partnership problems and get ...

    Florida Private Investigation

    Welcome to ASI Investigations a licensed and insured full service Private Investigation Company. Our South Florida Private Investigators have a background in law enforcement and will conduct a thorough professional investigation that only trained law enforcement professionals can provide.

    At ASI we understand the personal needs and concerns of individuals requiring Florida Private Investigation services. The world we live in today is a place where the need for protection has increased and as a result, Florida Private Investigation services have been shown to help keep people safe at all times, no matter who they are.

    At ASI Investigation all of our South Florida Private Investigators are equipped to provide investigative services to businesses as well as private clients.

    Our Florida Private Investigation client's needs and expectations are paramount to us. Our ASI agents are trained to provide our Private Investigation clients with the highest level of protection while causing minimal unwanted attention. Depending upon the request, ASI can provide armed or unarmed protection services by agents who are former law enforcement personnel and they have an extensive background in all the various area of specific protection. Our Florida Private Investigation are highly trained, insured and licensed by the State of Florida.

    At ASI Investigation all of our South Florida Private Investigators are equipped to provide investigative services to businesses as well as private clients. Each Investigator will offer a vast array of services for all of your investigative needs.

    Our Florida Private Investigation can help with:

      • Anti-Wiretapping Services
      • Background Investigations
      • Pre-Employment Verifications
      • Criminal Records Investigations
      • Child Custody Surveillance
      • Infidelity Investigations
      • Workers Comp Fraud Investigations
      • Workplace and School Violence
      • Witness interviewing
      • Skip Tracing

    If for any reason you don't see the type of service you are seeking, please contact our office to inquire. If we do not provide the type of services you need, we may be able to assist you by suggesting alternative services, which may produce the results you seek. In some cases, our South Florida Private Investigators may refer you to one of our nationwide associates who can assist you in obtaining the specific type of service you are requiring.

    Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates are available. Hourly rates require a minimum of 4-hours. Expenses are not included in rates. Please contact us to receive a free quote.

    If you are in need of our Florida Private Investigation, please contact us at or by phone at (954) 621-7114.

    Not only do our Florida Private Investigation promise superior protection, but because we believe in total confidentiality and discretion, all of our agents are required to sign a strict confidentially agreement and are personally held at the highest standard of ethics.

    If you or a loved one could be a target of a threat, Contact our Florida Private Investigation now!

    All information received will be considered confidential and will not be disclosed without the clients signed consent.
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